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Democrats Must Sue Trump to Get Justice

Impeachment is not the process to exact justice upon the Orange Monkey. The GOP Senate will obviously clear Trump by party line vote.
INSTEAD OF IMPEACHING TRUMP, House Democrats should have filed a federal lawsuit against Trump for having committed multiple federal criminal law violations and ask the court to make a ruling on whether or not Trump violated federal laws. House Democrats accuse Trump of committing bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice, abuse office, perjury and so forth; If Pelosi and House Dems were serious about exacting justice upon the Orange Monkey’s behind, Pelosi and House Dems would file a federal lawsuit against Trump, alleging the crimes they believe he committed along with their supporting evidence of Trump having committed those crimes and request the court to issue their ruling as to the President’s unlawful conduct alleged.

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats handled this the wrong way. Trump needs to be INDICTED – NOT IMPEACHED! Impeachment is for when BOTH sides want to impeach and remove a President. Indictment is for when primarily ONE SIDE wants to indict a President. In fact, if ANYONE ever wants to get ANY JUSTICE AT ALL on Trump, they will have to file a federal lawsuit against Trump to do it.

Is there a precedent for such action?