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Elizabeth Warren – Fauxgressive

Top Ten Reasons Not to Vote For Elizabeth Warren

1) Warren will keep private insurance intact; Warren already stated she would charge families $500 per month for prescription drug coverage.
2) Warren is a warfunder, voting for virtually every military budget set before her.
3) Warren virtually copied Bernie’s progressive platform and re-billed it as her own, conveniently keeping private healthcare intact.
4) Warren wants to increase social security payments by $200 per month, whereas Bernie Sanders wants to raise the minimum amount of Social Security income to $1,500.
5) Warren has spent the great majority of her political career as a Republican, whereas Bernie has never been a Republican.
6) Warren self-identified herself as another race on a State Bar Application, whereas Bernie Sanders would never do that in a hundred years.
7) While Warren was microwaving pizzas for her GOP gathering, independent Mayor Bernie Sanders was walking around town picking up trash.
8) Warren kicked Bernie to the curb in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton.
9) Warren has a sordid history of misrepresenting herself: whether it’s her magic healthcare plan or misrepresenting herself as an American Indian, Warren has managed to misrepresent herself and her issues to the American people.
10) Warren announced she would have accepted the office of Vice-President if Hillary were President.

Elizabeth Warren, her daughter and her son-in-law.

Posted by Ron Harold on Sunday, January 26, 2020