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Room Full of Neocons

“He walked into a room with Senators Rubio, Graham, Sec. of State Pompeo, National Security Advisor O’Brian, Sec. of Defense Esper and Jared Kushner.

You’re talking about a room full of neocons. You’re talking about the people who have been urging war with Iran forever.”

– Ret. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor

President Trump campaigned on the idea that we were going to reduce our footprint in the Middle East,

But he has a lot of advisers who are committed to the things he ran against. He has a lot of George W. Bush retreads who are giving him advice on what to do with Iraq and Iran.

Bluish billionaire Sheldon Adelson has literally offered Trump millions to “nuke Iran” and I do mean Adelson literally says he wants Trump to “nuke Iran.”