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What if Bernie……

In order for progressives to advance beyond the Democrat Party (i.e. Bernie Sanders – Bernie will NOT be exiting the Dem Party) We the Progressives must form and institute a “third party” of true progressives.


The first thing we must do is file our IRS docs and create the organization; then we get on the ballot in each of the fifty states;
then as a registered political organization/entity we sue each state for denying our constitutional right to free and fair elections and provide evidence of the mechanically and constitutionally defective system in place and ask the court to: (1) declare the defendant state election system defective; (2) direct the defendant state to produce and submit to the court a mechanically and constitutionally sound election system; (3) submit our own sound election system recommendation.

Dear Bernie Sanders: Your campaign should immediately file a federal lawsuit seeking court intervention, investigation and oversight of the 2020 Democratic primary – Progressive Lineup 2020

I propose the Social Security Voting Act, whereupon anyone with a Social Security number can simply log into their online Soc. Sec. Acc’t and select your choice of candidate on the ballot on the voting webpage in your personal online Social Security account. Every person who has a Social Security number already has an online Social Security account. If you never set up your personal Social Security account you can do it right now by visiting:

The American people should be voting via their online Social Security account, instead of using voting machines and paper ballots. We could employ the use of unique identifiers like banks do to secure and verify transactions. Such a system would provide the voter the ability to verify their vote was recorded properly; when you vote, your Soc. Sec. acc’t gives you a multi-digit code you write down or save and then log back in later to verify your vote by matching the unique identifiers.
Such a system would be the first time voters could actually verify their vote was properly recorded.

Earle L. Bailey: Ron Harold, We need something with a paper trail that is auditable.
I know they can do it. If ATMs were as unreliable as electronic voting and ballot-counting machines, they would have never been implemented.

Ron Harold: Instead of paper receipts/trails, we can employ the use of write-once discs to permanently record every keystroke made on that particular device.
The current election systems are wholly unacceptable in every way. Bernie and his staff seem completely oblivious to this fact of defective election systems in each state. Many states are using antiquidated systems designed to fail and easy to manipulate. Does Bernie know the meaning and significance of high, unacceptable levels of exit polling disparity far beyond standard norms? I thought Bernie learned about the meaning of bad exit polling back in 2016, when exit polling discrepancies were off-the-chain as they are now in 2020.

In my opinion, Bernie, bless his heart, made a serious fatal error by failing to file a federal lawsuit challenging the defective election system and process in Idaho.and the other problematic states. Bernie should have filed suit seeking a federal court order mandating several items, including:

– ordering the Iowa Democrat Party NOT TO RELEASE ANY PARTIAL ELECTION RESULTS until further notice by the court;

– confiscate all election materials, devices, softwares, presidential preference cards, ballots, etc and store them in a warehouse for audit/inspection by court-appointed officials, such as DOJ personnel or FBI;

– interview/question all election system operators, including the Iowa Democrat Party and DNC members;

– court-ordered review and retabulation of election materials, producing court’s final results.

The moment Bernie’s campaign detected a defective election process, the campaign should have filed suit seeking injunctive orders I described.

Had Bernie done these things, his outcome would have been much different than “coming in second to Buttigieg.”

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